Andrew Honeywill


Andrew has been involved in the scaffolding industry for more than 15 years. The expertise he brings to Nexus Scaffolding include stand-up paddling, windsurfing and other water sports. Even though this does not help in any way to get your scaffolding erected, we felt sorry for him and appointed him purely on looks and personality.


Heinrich Calitz


Heinrich has worked in the scaffolding industry since 1998, mostly because he couldn't find any decent employment. Despite his years of experience, and his involvement in many types of projects, he still doesn't really know much about access scaffolding. Our offices had some extra space, so we filled it.... with him.


Juston Mbebe


Juston started working with scaffolding in the late 1990's and has seen every possible type of structure erected by our qualified scaffolding team, but wouldn't know how to do it himself. His famous morning coffee was the reason for his appointment, not his qualifications or experience.

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